Night Fall: (Nighthawk Security Book 1)

Word count

86645 words

Audiobook length

9 hours and 19 minutes

Page Count

Paperback: 324 pages

How long does it take to read?

Average Readers (@250 words/min) take 5 hours 47 minutes to read Night Fall: (Nighthawk Security Book 1). Slower Readers (@150 words/min) take 9 hours 38 minutes to finish this book. Fast Readers (@450 words/min), on the other hand, will take around 3 hours 13 minutes to read Night Fall: (Nighthawk Security Book 1)

Reading Level

Based on analysing the text of Night Fall: (Nighthawk Security Book 1), we estimate that readers of 10th and 11th grade will be able to read this book. This estimation is based on a number of readability tests devised by experts, some of which is listed here.

Reading Level by Flesch Kincaid Scale
Grade 10.9
Reading Level by SMOG Index
Grade 9.9
Coleman Liau Index
Grade 8.36
Dale Chall Readability Score
Grade 6.2

Book Description

She faces dangerous situations all the time…
Olympic downhill skier, Harper Young, knows what it’s like to look danger in the face. After all, she does it every time she races down a ski slope. She’s fine with that danger and even excels under the pressure, winning Olympic gold. And as a governor’s daughter, she’s familiar with receiving threats from the general public. But when a stalker turns his sights on Harper, she possesses zero skills to protect herself.

But she has no idea what lurks in the shadows.

Former Navy SEAL and ATF Agent, Aiden Byrd of Nighthawk Security is well versed in protection skills and knows the dangers she faces. Problem is, there’s an instant attraction between Aiden and Harper, and Aiden has to fight hard to remain professional. As the stalker grows bolder and tries to end Harper’s life, Aiden’s only hope in keeping her safe is to deny his feelings. Something that borders on impossible.