Daniel McEvoy Series

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How many books are in Daniel McEvoy Series ?

There are 2 books in Daniel McEvoy Series.

List of Books in Daniel McEvoy Series

  1. Plugged
  2. Screwed

Reading Time

11 hrs 55 mins

How long to read Daniel McEvoy Series?

The estimated word count of Daniel McEvoy Series is 178,715 words.

A person reading at the average speed of 250 words/min, will finish the series in 11 hrs 55 mins. At a slower speed of 150 words/min, they will finish it in 19 hrs 52 mins. At a faster speed of 450 words/min, they will finish it in 6 hrs 38 mins.

Daniel McEvoy Series - 178,715 words
Reading Speed Time to Read
Slow 150 words/min 19 hrs 52 mins
Average 250 words/min 11 hrs 55 mins
Fast 450 words/min 6 hrs 38 mins

178,715 words

Word Count

for Daniel McEvoy Series

19 hrs 13 mins

Audiobook Length

of Daniel McEvoy Series

Daniel McEvoy Series - Main Books

Image of Plugged: A Novel
Plugged: A Novel
18 years and up
Audio Book
8 hrs 26 mins

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Image of Screwed: A Novel
Screwed: A Novel
18 years and up
Audio Book
10 hrs 47 mins

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