Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers

Reading Level
Grade 5
Time to Read
7 hrs 37 mins
58 Chapters

Reading Level

What is the reading level of Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers?

Analysing the books in the series, we estimate that the reading level of Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers is 4th and 5th grade.

Expert Readability Tests for
Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers

Readability Test Reading Level
Flesch Kincaid Scale Grade 9
SMOG Index Grade 11
Coleman Liau Index Grade 23
Dale Chall Readability Score Grade 7

Reading Time

7 hrs 37 mins

How long to read Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers?

The estimated word count of Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers is 114,080 words.

A person reading at the average speed of 250 words/min, will finish the book in 7 hrs 37 mins. At a slower speed of 150 words/min, they will finish it in 12 hrs 41 mins. At a faster speed of 450 words/min, they will finish it in 4 hrs 14 mins.

Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers - 114,080 words
Reading Speed Time to Read
Slow 150 words/min 12 hrs 41 mins
Average 250 words/min 7 hrs 37 mins
Fast 450 words/min 4 hrs 14 mins

More about Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers

114,080 words

Word Count

for Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers

496 pages

Hardcover: 496 pages
Kindle: 403 pages

12 hours and 16 minutes

Audiobook length

Table of Contents

There are 58 chapters in Between Two Kings: A Sequel to The Three Musketeers. We have listed them below.

Title Page
Chapter I: The Letter
Chapter II: The Messenger
Chapter III: The Interview
Chapter IV: Father and Son
Chapter V: Which Speaks of Cropoli and Cropole and of a Great Unknown Painter
Chapter VI: The Stranger
Chapter VII: Parry
Chapter VIII: His Majesty Louis XIV at the Age of Twenty-Two
Chapter IX: In Which the Stranger from the Inn of The Médicis Drops His Incognito
Chapter X: The Arithmetic of Monsieur de Mazarin
Chapter XI: The Politics of Monsieur de Mazarin
Chapter XII: The King and the Lieutenant
Chapter XIII: Marie de Mancini
Chapter XIV: In Which the King and the Lieutenant Exchange Proofs of Memory
Chapter XV: The Exile
Chapter XVI: “Remember!”
Chapter XVII: In Which Aramis Is Sought but Only Bazin Is Found
Chapter XVIII: In Which d’Artagnan Seeks Porthos but Finds Only Mousqueton
Chapter XIX: In Which d’Artagnan Brings His Business to Paris
Chapter XX: Of the Company Formed in the Rue des Lombards under the Sign of the Golden Pestle to Execute d’Artagnan’s Plan
Chapter XXI: In Which d’Artagnan Prepares to Travel on the Behalf of Planchet and Co.
Chapter XXII: D’Artagnan Travels for the House of Planchet and Co.
Chapter XXIII: In Which the Author Is Forced, Despite Himself, to Recount a Little History
Chapter XXIV: The Treasure
Chapter XXV: The Marsh
Chapter XXVI: Heart and Mind
Chapter XXVII: The Next Day
Chapter XXVIII: Contraband Merchandise
Chapter XXIX: In Which d’Artagnan Begins to Fear the Investment of Planchet and Co. Might Be Lost
Chapter XXX: The Stock of Planchet and Co. Rebounds
Chapter XXXI: Monck Reveals Himself
Chapter XXXII: How Athos and d’Artagnan Met Once More at the Hartshorn Inn
Chapter XXXIII: The Audience
Chapter XXXIV: The Embarrassment of Riches
Chapter XXXV: On the Canal
Chapter XXXVI: How d’Artagnan Drew, as if by Fairy Magic, a Country Estate from a Wooden Box
Chapter XXXVII: How d’Artagnan Settled the Company’s Liabilities before Reckoning Its Assets
Chapter XXXVIII: In Which We See that the French Grocer Was Already Well Established in the 17th Century
Chapter XXXIX: Monsieur de Mazarin at His Games
Chapter XL: An Affair of State
Chapter XLI: The Report
Chapter XLII: In Which Monsieur de Mazarin Becomes Extravagant
Chapter XLIII: Guénaud
Chapter XLIV: Colbert
Chapter XLV: Confession of a Man of Means
Chapter XLVI: The Bequest
Chapter XLVII: How Anne of Austria Gave Louis XIV One Sort of Advice and Monsieur Fouquet Gave Him Another
Chapter XLVIII: Agonies
Chapter XLIX: Enter Colbert
Chapter L: The First Day of the Reign of Louis XIV
Historical Characters
About the Authors
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For years d’Artagnan shared his adventures with his three comrades—Athos, Porthos, and Aramis—but now, in Between Two Kings, the First Musketeer returns to the forefront. This is truly d’Artagnan’s novel, bringing to a dramatic climax the story that began when he first arrived in Paris thirty years earlier in The Three Musketeers.This brand-new translation of Between Two Kings immediately picks up the story and themes of Blood Royal, where d’Artagnan tries to thwart destiny by saving England’s Charles I; now, he will be instrumental in the restoration of his son, Charles II, the first of the two kings of the title. Disappointed in the irresolution of young Louis XIV, d’Artagnan takes a leave of absence from the King’s Musketeers and ventures to England with a bold plan to hoist Charles II onto his throne, a swashbuckling escapade in which he is unwittingly assisted by his old comrade Athos. D’Artagnan returns triumphant to France, where he is recalled to service by the second king, Louis XIV, who is now finally ready to take full advantage of the extraordinary talents of his officer of musketeers. This newly translated volume by Lawrence Ellsworth is the first volume of Alexandre Dumas’s mega-novel Le Vicomte de Bragelonne, the epic finale to the Musketeers Cycle, which will end with the justly-famous The Man in the Iron Mask. This marks the first significant new English translation of this series of novels in over a century. Read more