Court of Daggers

Reading Level
Grade 8
48 Chapters

Reading Level

What is the reading level of Court of Daggers?

Analysing the books in the series, we estimate that the reading level of Court of Daggers is 7th and 8th grade.

Expert Readability Tests for
Court of Daggers

Readability Test Reading Level
Flesch Kincaid Scale Grade 8
SMOG Index Grade 10
Coleman Liau Index Grade 22
Dale Chall Readability Score Grade 7

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485 pages

Paperback: 485 pages
Kindle: 450 pages

Table of Contents

There are 48 chapters in Court of Daggers. We have listed them below.

Chapter I - A Passion
Chapter II - D’Artagnan’s Lesson
Chapter III - The King
Chapter IV - The Houses of Monsieur Fouquet
Chapter V - Abbot Fouquet
Chapter VI - Wine for Monsieur de La Fontaine
Chapter VII - The Gallery of Saint-Mandé
Chapter VIII - The Epicureans
Chapter IX - A Quarter of an Hour’s Delay
Chapter X - Plan of Battle
Chapter XI - The Cabaret of Our Lady’s Portrait
Chapter XII - “Long Live Colbert!”
Chapter XIII - How a Diamond that Belonged to Monsieur d’Emerys Found its Way into d’Artagnan’s Hands
Chapter XIV - Concerning the Notable Differences d’Artagnan Found Between the Intendant and the Superintendent
Chapter XV - Philosophy of the Heart and Mind
Chapter XVI - Travel
Chapter XVII - How d’Artagnan Met a Poet Who’d become a Printer to Make Sure his Poems got Printed
Chapter XVIII - D’Artagnan Continues His Investigations
Chapter XIX - In Which the Reader will Doubtless Be as Astonished as d’Artagnan to Meet an Old Acquaintance
Chapter XX - In Which d’Artagnan’s Ideas, Though Cloudy at First, Begin to Clear Up
Chapter XXI - A Procession at Vannes
Chapter XXII - The Grandeur of the Bishop of Vannes
Chapter XXIII - Porthos Begins to be Sorry He’d Brought d’Artagnan With Him
Chapter XXIV - In Which d’Artagnan Rides, Porthos Snores, and Aramis Counsels
Chapter XXV - Monsieur Fouquet Takes Action
Chapter XXVI - In Which d’Artagnan Finally Gets His Hands on his Captain’s Commission
Chapter XXVII - A Lover and His Mistress
Chapter XXVIII - In Which the True Heroine of This Story Finally Appears
Chapter XXIX - Malicorne and Manicamp
Chapter XXX - Manicamp and Malicorne
Chapter XXXI - The Courtyard of the Hôtel de Grammont
Chapter XXXII - The Portrait of Madame
Chapter XXXIII - Le Havre
Chapter XXXIV - On the Sea
Chapter XXXV - The Pavilions
Chapter XXXVI - The Night
Chapter XXXVII - From Le Havre to Paris
Chapter XXXVIII - What the Chevalier de Lorraine Thought of Madame
Chapter XXXIX - Mademoiselle de Montalais’s Surprise
Chapter XL - The Consent of Athos
Chapter XLI - Monsieur is Jealous of the Duke of Buckingham
Chapter XLII - “Forever!”
Chapter XLIII - In Which His Majesty Louis XIV Finds Mademoiselle de La Vallière neither Rich Enough nor Pretty Enough for a Gentleman of the Rank of the Vicomte de Bragelonne
Chapter XLIV - An Invitation to Cross Swords in the Surf
Historical Characters
Notes on the Text of Court of Daggers


Book Six in the Musketeers Cycle of Lawrence Ellsworth’s new translations of Alexandre Dumas’ novels of d’Artagnan and the Three Musketeers. Conspiracy swirls around the young King Louis XIV at his palace of Fontainebleau, the Court of Daggers! Aramis plots for power, the Duke of Buckingham schemes for love, Athos ponders glory, Porthos revels in his new nobility, while d’Artagnan bravely defends the throne against all comers. At the center of this hotbed of intrigue stands one young man: Raoul, the Vicomte de Bragelonne. The son of Athos and the protegé of d’Artagnan, there’s only one force Raoul cannot master—his own heart. And when the eyes of his beloved Louise de La Vallière turn toward another’s gaze, Raoul will gamble his position, his honor, and even his life to win her back. Read more