Word count

108035 words

Audiobook length

11 hours and 37 minutes

Page Count

Paperback: 328 pages

How long does it take to read?

Average Readers (@250 words/min) take 7 hours 13 minutes to read Lethal. Slower Readers (@150 words/min) take 12 hours 1 minutes to finish this book. Fast Readers (@450 words/min), on the other hand, will take around 4 hours 1 minutes to read Lethal

Reading Level

Based on analysing the text of Lethal, we estimate that readers of 6th and 7th grade will be able to read this book. This estimation is based on a number of readability tests devised by experts, some of which is listed here.

Reading Level by Flesch Kincaid Scale
Grade 6.4
Reading Level by SMOG Index
Grade 7.4
Coleman Liau Index
Grade 5.86
Dale Chall Readability Score
Grade 5.48

Book Description

Blade McCormick is not a nice guy.He’s pure adrenaline and smells like smoke and leather—the kind of guy you look at and know he’s going to be a combination of nasty and irresistible. The moment I allowed myself to touch his hot skin and kiss his full lips, I. Was. Done.Like currency, I’ve become part of a transaction. Blade took me to pay off a debt. I try to tell myself, Eve, you should hate him. He’s a bad guy. But then again, I’m not a good girl. Blade’s the president of the Disciples, the notorious motorcycle club. I should be frightened, yet somehow, he doesn’t scare me. If anything, I think I scare him.It takes a lot of work to become the club’s Queen, but I’ll stop at nothing to have the King!