Nothing Special Series Box Set, Books 1-5

Word count

480345 words

Audiobook length

51 hours and 39 minutes

Page Count

How long does it take to read?

Average Readers (@250 words/min) take 32 hours 2 minutes to read Nothing Special Series Box Set, Books 1-5. Slower Readers (@150 words/min) take 53 hours 23 minutes to finish this book. Fast Readers (@450 words/min), on the other hand, will take around 17 hours 48 minutes to read Nothing Special Series Box Set, Books 1-5

Reading Level

Based on analysing the text of Nothing Special Series Box Set, Books 1-5, we estimate that readers of 12th and 13th grade will be able to read this book. This estimation is based on a number of readability tests devised by experts, some of which is listed here.

Reading Level by Flesch Kincaid Scale
Grade 13.4
Reading Level by SMOG Index
Grade 9.1
Coleman Liau Index
Grade 7.96
Dale Chall Readability Score
Grade 2.06

Book Description

A Box Set of the Award-Winning Nothing Special Series by International Best-selling Author A.E. Via

To be accepted into the most notorious narcotics task force on the East Coast is an incredible honor. A rogue collection of the most feared and unorthodox detectives, independent of standard departmental jurisdiction. Headed up by two of the baddest’ Lieutenants with the Atlanta Police Department - Cashel 'God' Godfrey and Leonidis Day.

"We were a unit tonight, moving as one. Even apart, we are deadly, but when combined – we are f**kin’ unstoppable."
~~ God ~~

Set Contains Books 1 - 5:
Book One: Nothing Special - God & Day
Book Two: Embracing His Syn - Detective Corbin Sydney & Furious Barkley
Book Three: Here Comes Trouble - Detectives Mark Ruxsberg & Chris Green
Book Four: Don't Judge - Detective Austin Michaels & Bounty Hunter, Judge Josephson
Book Five: Nothing Special V - Detectives Edwin Steele & Shawn Murphy (Tech)