The Confectioner Chronicles: The Complete Fantasy Mystery Series

Word count

335110 words

Audiobook length

36 hours and 2 minutes

Page Count

How long does it take to read?

Average Readers (@250 words/min) take 22 hours 21 minutes to read The Confectioner Chronicles: The Complete Fantasy Mystery Series. Slower Readers (@150 words/min) take 37 hours 15 minutes to finish this book. Fast Readers (@450 words/min), on the other hand, will take around 12 hours 25 minutes to read The Confectioner Chronicles: The Complete Fantasy Mystery Series

Reading Level

Based on analysing the text of The Confectioner Chronicles: The Complete Fantasy Mystery Series, we estimate that readers of 10th and 11th grade will be able to read this book. This estimation is based on a number of readability tests devised by experts, some of which is listed here.

Reading Level by Flesch Kincaid Scale
Grade 10.5
Reading Level by SMOG Index
Grade 9.0
Coleman Liau Index
Grade 8.76
Dale Chall Readability Score
Grade 6.52

Book Description

Enter the world of the Confectioner's Guild, an addictive fantasy mystery series brimming with royal intrigue, pulse-pounding romance, and delectable food magic.

Read the series readers are calling:

"A delight for the palate and mind. A book that is nearly unquantifiable, it is a murder mystery, an urban fantasy, pure fantasy, a coming of age tale, and something near steampunk in feel."

"Phenomenal and captivating..."

"A multi-layered delight, with spellbinding scene setting, vivid descriptions and exquisite world-building..."

"Masterfully written, this beautiful dangerous world isn't like anything I have read before."

"I can honestly say that this series is one of my favourite discoveries of the year!"

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The Confectioner's Guild

A magic cupcake. A culinary killer. The perfect recipe for murder.

Wren knew her sweet treats could work wonders, but she never knew they could work magic. She barely has time to wrap her head around the stunning revelation when the head of the prestigious Confectioner’s Guild falls down dead before her. Poisoned by her cupcake.

Now facing murder charges in a magical world she doesn’t understand, Wren must discover the true killer or face the headsman’s axe. But when her search for clues leads to a deep-rooted conspiracy that goes all the way to the top, she realizes that the guild master isn’t the only one at risk of death by chocolate.

If Wren can’t bring the powerful culprit to justice, she and her friends will meet a bittersweet end.

The Confectioner's Coup

Wren thought things were bad when her boyfriend's father tried to frame her for murder. But that was before a hostile army showed up at the city gates, ready to swallow Maradis whole. And before guild members began disappearing one by one--including the Confectioner's Guild's newest Gifted recruit.

Wren, suspecting the king is to blame for the disappearances, undertakes a dangerous investigation that sets her on a collision course with old and new enemies alike. Will she be able to find the missing guild members before tensions boil over into outright rebellion? Or are the guilds willing to go further than she ever realized to rid themselves of the king's tyranny...

The Confectioner's Truth

A deadly new enemy rules Alesia with an iron fist--and an unnatural interest in the magic of the Confectioner's Guild. Betrayed by one of their own, Wren and her few remaining allies flee Maradis to secure whatever aid they can find.

But new dangers and old ghosts lurk around every corner, forcing Wren to confront truths she thought she'd buried deep long ago. Will Wren be able to piece together an alliance, and enough of her own shattered heart, to take back her home from those who hold it hostage? Or will her magic prove too tempting a morsel for her enemies to refuse...

The Confectioner's Exile

Hale Firena has everything--looks, money, power, more girls than he knows what to do with. But in one night everything changes, as a bloody coup turns Hale into a penniless refugee on the run for his life.

Hale's not cut out for real life--the thought of holding down a real job is almost more horrible than the pirates and bandits chasing him. Is Hale's swagger enough to see him to safety, or has his luck truly run out?

Read the story of Hale Firena before he joined the Confectioner's Guild in this Confectioner Chronicles prequel novella.

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