The Directives (Holding Their Own Book 8)

Time to Read
6 hrs 56 mins

Reading Time

6 hrs 56 mins

How long to read The Directives (Holding Their Own Book 8)?

The estimated word count of The Directives (Holding Their Own Book 8) is 103,850 words.

A person reading at the average speed of 250 words/min, will finish the book in 6 hrs 56 mins. At a slower speed of 150 words/min, they will finish it in 11 hrs 33 mins. At a faster speed of 450 words/min, they will finish it in 3 hrs 51 mins.

The Directives (Holding Their Own Book 8) - 103,850 words
Reading Speed Time to Read
Slow 150 words/min 11 hrs 33 mins
Average 250 words/min 6 hrs 56 mins
Fast 450 words/min 3 hrs 51 mins

More about The Directives

103,850 words

Word Count

for The Directives (Holding Their Own Book 8)

314 pages

Paperback: 314 pages
Kindle: 297 pages

11 hours and 10 minutes

Audiobook length


The Directives is book #8 of Joe Nobody’s widely acclaimed series, Holding Their Own. A leaderless, exhausted federal government is pulling out of Texas, leaving 9 million survivors of the apocalypse to fend for themselves. In an attempt to fill the void, the Alliance of West Texas prepares to step in. The ruling council establishes five directives; Energy, Agriculture, Transportation, Communications and Security. Follow Bishop, Terri and their friends as they struggle to implement these priorities and save millions of lives threatened by anarchy and famine. Directives is a collection of three novelettes that take the reader along on a fast paced, action packed adventure through the post-collapse Texas landscape. New heroes will emerge, and old friends may fall. Read more