The Red Sphinx

Reading Level
Grade 16
Time to Read
14 hrs 46 mins
11 Chapters

Reading Level

What is the reading level of The Red Sphinx?

Analysing the books in the series, we estimate that the reading level of The Red Sphinx is 15th and 16th grade.

Expert Readability Tests for
The Red Sphinx

Readability Test Reading Level
Flesch Kincaid Scale Grade 15
SMOG Index Grade 11
Coleman Liau Index Grade 47
Dale Chall Readability Score Grade 8

Reading Time

14 hrs 46 mins

How long to read The Red Sphinx?

The estimated word count of The Red Sphinx is 221,495 words.

A person reading at the average speed of 250 words/min, will finish the book in 14 hrs 46 mins. At a slower speed of 150 words/min, they will finish it in 24 hrs 37 mins. At a faster speed of 450 words/min, they will finish it in 8 hrs 13 mins.

The Red Sphinx - 221,495 words
Reading Speed Time to Read
Slow 150 words/min 24 hrs 37 mins
Average 250 words/min 14 hrs 46 mins
Fast 450 words/min 8 hrs 13 mins

More about The Red Sphinx

221,495 words

Word Count

for The Red Sphinx

832 pages

Hardcover: 832 pages
Paperback: 832 pages
Kindle: 808 pages

23 hours and 49 minutes

Audiobook length

Table of Contents

There are 11 chapters in The Red Sphinx. We have listed them below.

Part I: The Red Sphinx
Part II: The Dove
Translator’s Notes
Publication History
Dramatis Personae: Historical Character Notes
Also by Alexandre Dumas


For the first time in English in over a century, a new translation of the forgotten sequel to Dumas’s The Three Musketeers, continuing the dramatic tale of Cardinal Richelieu and his implacable enemies.In 1844, Alexandre Dumas published The Three Musketeers, a novel so famous and still so popular today that it scarcely needs introduction. Shortly thereafter he wrote a sequel, Twenty Years After, that resumed the adventures of his swashbuckling heroes. Later, toward the end of his career, Dumas wrote The Red Sphinx, another direct sequel to The Three Musketeers that begins, not twenty years later, but a mere twenty days afterward. The Red Sphinx picks up right where the The Three Musketeers left off, continuing the stories of Cardinal Richelieu, Queen Anne, and King Louis XIII—and introducing a charming new hero, the Comte de Moret, a real historical figure from the period. A young cavalier newly arrived in Paris, Moret is an illegitimate son of the former king, and thus half-brother to King Louis. The French Court seethes with intrigue as king, queen, and cardinal all vie for power, and young Moret soon finds himself up to his handsome neck in conspiracy, danger—and passionate romance! Dumas wrote seventy-five chapters of The Red Sphinx, all for serial publication, but he never quite finished it, and so the novel languished for almost a century before its first book publication in France in 1946. While Dumas never completed the book, he had earlier written a separate novella, The Dove, that recounted the final adventures of Moret and Cardinal Richelieu. Now for the first time, in one cohesive narrative, The Red Sphinx and The Dove make a complete and satisfying storyline—a rip-roaring novel of historical adventure, heretofore unknown to English-language readers, by the great Alexandre Dumas, king of the swashbucklers. Read more