Trusting Skylar (Silverstone Book 1)

Word count

95325 words

Audiobook length

10 hours and 15 minutes

Page Count

Paperback: 317 pages

How long does it take to read?

Average Readers (@250 words/min) take 6 hours 22 minutes to read Trusting Skylar (Silverstone Book 1). Slower Readers (@150 words/min) take 10 hours 36 minutes to finish this book. Fast Readers (@450 words/min), on the other hand, will take around 3 hours 32 minutes to read Trusting Skylar (Silverstone Book 1)

Reading Level

Based on analysing the text of Trusting Skylar (Silverstone Book 1), we estimate that readers of 11th and 12th grade will be able to read this book. This estimation is based on a number of readability tests devised by experts, some of which is listed here.

Reading Level by Flesch Kincaid Scale
Grade 11.6
Reading Level by SMOG Index
Grade 10.2
Coleman Liau Index
Grade 8.77
Dale Chall Readability Score
Grade 6.17

Book Description

From bestselling author Susan Stoker comes a sizzling new series about four former military operatives who rid the world of the worst of humanity while fighting to protect the best part of their lives: the women they love.

Former military operative Carson “Bull” Rhodes hasn’t dated seriously since he and his teammates left the army. Since then he’s opened Silverstone Towing—which is a front for his other job: hired killer. When kindergarten teacher Skylar Reid calls for help while stranded on the side of the interstate, the attraction is instant. The problem is Bull’s career has jaded him. Skylar’s innocent, and he wants to keep her that way.

Cautious by nature, Skylar never expected to fall in love with her tow truck driver. Even so, once Bull reveals what he really does for a living, she’s not sure she can handle it. When Skylar faces threats that have nothing to do with Bull’s job but are just as deadly, the stakes are higher than ever.

With the help of the Silverstone team, Bull will use everything he’s learned over the years to bring the woman he loves home—because the alternative is unthinkable.